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Schedule of Classes

Pertinent Halacha by Rabbi Sionit: 

Sun-Thurs evenings before Minha-Arvit Services, 6:30-7:00pm
Textual & comprehensive learning. We are using the popular, comprehensive work Yalkut Yosef Kitzur Shulhan Aruch as our text.
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Meeting ID: 883 6518 9319
Hovot haLevavot (Duties of the Hearts), Sha’ar Avodat ha’Elohim by Rabbi Sionit: 

Sunday morning, 9:15-10:00am
In person at the Synagogue, warm breakfast served, plus Zoom option 
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Jewish thought and Parashat HaShavua by Rabbi Sionit (in Hebrew) 
מחשבת ישראל ופרשת השבוע עם הרב ציונית

Monday evenings, 8:30-9:30pm
At Kfir Cohen’s house – 6806 Sawmill Rd, Dallas
Full dinner served! 

Advanced Jewish thought by Rabbi Sharon Cohen (in Hebrew)
מחשבת ישראל (למתקדמים) עם הרב שרון כהן – כרגע מתמקדים בספר פרקי דרבי אליעזר 

Wednesday evenings, 8:00-9:00pm 
In person at the Synangoue
Currently studying Pirke’ deRibbi Eliezer

Derech Hashem (The Way of G-d, written by Ramha”l) by Rabbi Sionit:

Wednesday evening, 8:00-8:45pm
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Gems from the Parasha by Rabbi Sionit: 

Thursday evening, 7:50-8:30pm
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