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Schedule of Classes

Shabbat Classes:

Halacha-Jewish Practice, by Rabbi Sionit (currently studying the laws of High Holidays)
Shabbat Afternoon, 1 hour prior to Minha  

Weekly Classes, currently mostly by Zoom teleconferencing

To participate in any of the Zoom classes, you need prior authorization. Please reach Rabbi Sionit HERE for authorization.

  • NEW: Sun-Thurs evenings after Arvit Services (7:50-8:20pm this week): Pertinent Halacha 

We will be using the popular, comprehensive work Yalkut Yosef Kitzur Shulhan Aruch as our text. We are currently studying the laws and customs of the month of ElulSelihot, Rosh Hashana, etc. After Yom Kippur and the end of Selihot, the class will convene in the mornings prior to Shaharit, 6:30-7:00am.

  • Sun mornings, (NEW TIME) 10:00-11:00amSefer Hafetz Hayim by Rabbi Sionit 

Please join us for a new series, studying the ever-important work called Hafetz Hayim-Shemirat haLashon. This is a comprehensive guide to the regulations of proper speech (Lashon hara’, etc), compiled by the renowned leader of pre-world war II European Jewry, Rabbenu Yisra’el Me’ir haKohen, aka the “Hafetz Hayim“!

  • NEW: Wed 12:00-1:00pm: Hovot haLevavot (Duties of the Hearts), Sha’ar haBehina by Rabbi Sionit

After completing Sha’ar haBitahon (Gate of Trust), we will start another eye-opening, inspirational chapter of the timeless work Hovot haLevavot. In Sha’ar haBehina, Rabbenu Bahya discusses ways of properly observing and inspecting the world and the creations on both macro and micro levels, drawing wisdom and elation!

  • Wed evening, (NEW TIME) 6:35-7:20pm: Da’at Tevunot (written by Ramhal) by Rabbi Sionit 
  • Thurs evening, (NEW TIME) 6:35-7:20pm: Gems from the Parasha by Rabbi Sionit
  • Rabbi Sharon Cohen’s Classes

Rabbi Cohen’s popular classes (in Hebrew) are also now online, along with another few sought-after classes in Hebrew broadcast from Israel! Those interested in joining, please send your phone/WhatsApp info to Ohad Naim at (214) 808-7909.

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